Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lost in Transition

The events of life change us and I doubt this truth escapes the reality of being human. Dreams are often a core motivation for how and why people persevere in life. Occasionally, our dreams change or they change us.

As a result, I find that I am lost in transition. The challenge of having new goals is in determining what they are and how to fulfill a new dream. A large part of this transition period has been deep reflection on how and why I’m letting old dreams go and looking for new dreams. Past dreams have been a blessing, an accomplishment, an honor, and an endurance workout. But, sometimes, we want something so bad that it defines us, redefines us, and potentially breaks us.

Right now, my dreams are broken or, just plain, out of gas. Before I can move on to finding and embracing new dreams, I have to make amends for the old one. I owe a handful of women an apology (I would do this with you personally, but I’d rather leave the past behind us). I’m sorry for any word I’ve said or deed I’ve done between us to hurt you. At I move forward, it's time to focus on something else.

In time, I will no longer be lost in transition; I will have found a life-changing dream that proves to be what dreams are made of in life. Dreams have been very humbling because I finally had my dream in the palm of my hand and realized that now isn’t the time for that dream.

Honestly, writing this was unpleasant for me, but I felt I needed to admit it. I thank God for the grace of Christ through the work of the cross, without it, I can’t image how much more this would sting. Here’s to letting go of old dreams, here’s to embracing new dreams, and here’s to what dreams may come.

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