Friday, March 11, 2011

"You Sholdn't Say Sucks:" The Chaperone Review

I’m starting to feel like a bit of a movie critic, but I assure you it’s just coincidence that I talked about a movie in my last post and am about to in this post. The Chaperone stars “Triple H” (of WWE fame) and will probably be overlooked by most people. Admittedly, I would have passed this film up if I weren’t a “Triple H” fan.

The family comedy, filled with heartwarming sentiment and nose-breaking action, illustrates why it’s important not to judge a book by its cover. Personally, I’m not surprised that “Triple H” can act, I saw Blade Trinity and if you’ve ever seen his DX bits on WWE television, you know the man has a knack for humor. I was expecting another WWE Films, flop, but got enjoyable entertainment instead.

Truthfully, The Chaperone is worth watching. One does not have to be a WWE fan to enjoy this movie (in fact, it would probably help if you’re not into WWE). Unlike, John Cena, who was all muscle and no character in The Marine or Steve Austin (who seems a bit stoic on the big screen) “Triple H” portrayed a decently realistic father trying to rebuild a broken relationship with his adolescent daughter. The Chaperone is a mix of Con-Air, meets, Senior Trip, fused with self-help, and second chances. I’m not saying that “The Game” is going to win an Oscar for his performance as “Ray Bradstone” in The Chaperone, but the movie is enjoyable, entertaining, and worth the watch (an added bonus is that you can find it on Netflix streaming).

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