Sunday, January 1, 2012

Minister for Life

Ministry is more than a job; it is life – messy, versatile, eclectic, joyous, sad, unpredictable, fun, and challenging – it is not always easy to gauge success versus failure. As a minister, I’ve made real friends, seen real tears, witnessed real blessings, made honest mistakes, encouraged real discipleship, endured failures, and experienced real success. Ministry is real life – not edited for TV – and it is the living call to express the real promises of God.

I’ve loved my six years in the ministry field. Sometimes it’s hard to hear from youth I once led, when they tell me they don’t believe in the God of the cross or the real promises of Christ. Yet, my ears and my heart open to these people. My life as a minister doesn’t end when I leave a church context. Every story is important to me. I feel privileged when people, I’ve preached the Gospel of Christ to, come to me with their stories, doubts, questions, and so on. Life doesn’t stop when things don’t go as we’d hoped; neither does ministry.

All of my youth kids, from all of the ministries I’ve been involved with, your story matters. You matter. I’m still listening (whether you consider Jesus your savior or not). I am a minister and I am here for you, should you need someone to tell your story. I believe that God loves you and that the cross is the answer to our doubts. May I meet you with love and grace – as I believe Christ does – wherever you may be in life and/or faith.    

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