Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving: Redefining "Family" as God Redeems the Raw and Gritty

It is Thanksgiving weekend and I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am thankful for the God of the cross who has carried me through one breath at a time. God gave me everything. It is through the gifts of God that I live in grace and redemption.

I understand God through the event of the cross and the cross is the lens I look through to see life. I am blessed. Sure, this past year or so has been like, a cinematic tragedy, and I’ve spewed a fair amount of raw and gritty emotions. Now is not the time for raw and gritty.

I’m thankful for my family and friends; without whom, I might be singing a darker tune today. But, God gave me you, wonderful people to share life with; so, I’ll be damned, if I’m not going to stop and feel the love long enough to say thank you.

In 28 years, I have only missed Thanksgiving with family on two occasions. In 2009, I spent a memorable day with some of my close friends at Trinity. Honestly, a handful of my friends are an extension of my family; therefore, Thanksgiving, to me, is about family (relative and friend). In turn, I may have spent Turkey Day in 2009 and 2011 apart from relatives, but I was still with my family (thank you Lance and Jeff, I love you guys)!

I’ve spent this weekend thinking of family (friend and relative) missing the family who I could not be with, share a meal with, pray with, laugh with, and love face-to-face. It’s been a warming reflection. I laughed as I remembered last year living with Grandma, being banned from the kitchen due to Mono, and sneaking in to carve the turkey as my last girlfriend saved the meal for the five of us. Grandma’s not here anymore, but I got to live in her home for her last Thanksgiving; without a doubt, I am thankful for that memory!

Austin, Holly, Jake, Hillary, Jeff, David, Kristin, Lance, Brandon, Scott, Jeremy, Kellie, Jim, Susan, Dick, Cindy, Michael, Carol, Kyla, Karly, Morgan, Ally, Sam, Michelle, Chase, Dave, Valerie, Melissa, Nadia, Matthew, JP, Phil, and the countless people who have supported me this year, I am incredibly thankful for the presence you have had in my life! I dedicate this post to all of you my family (friend, relative, and church). Again, I thank God for all of you, all you’ve done for me, and what you mean to me. With a prayer of thanksgiving, I am especially grateful, in a different way, for my dad and Holly and continue to pray for the Lord’s healing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tim “Jimbo” Kellogg 

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